1. Preparation and obtaining approval of all Customs eC-82 import declaration, bills of sight, permit to remove for the importation of cargo and preparation of export declaration for cargo both air and ocean freight, and arranging the necessary documentation and transportation if necessary .

C55 Bond

  1. Preparation and procuring of bills of sight through Customs for clearance of emergency cargo under the C55 bond at the various ports of entry/Airport.
  2. Negotiating and filing of C55 Bonds with Customs for the clearance of emergency cargo that are to be permanently imported. Also renewal and cancellation of the bond every three years.
  3. Management of C55 bond on a daily basis, ensuring that all liabilities are settled within the prescribed time frame, and having the bond active and available at all times for the clearance of emergency cargo.
  4. Arranging for the certifying of shipments for offshore use at The Ministry of Energy and Energy Industry Industries (PSC. Contractor).
  5. Arranging for shipments to be duplicated and cardexed at the Customs “Approved Undertaking” department for items being cleared under the import duty relief license. (PSC Contractors) and Approved Industries.


  1. Arranging for shipments to be released by Customs Valuation Branch when necessary.

Import License

  1. Arranging for shipments to be released by the Ministry of Trade Industry and Tourism for import license.

Food and Drugs

  1. Arranging for shipments containing approved chemical products to be released by Food and Drug Department, Ministry of Health (DEA) and Ministry of Health (Fungicides and Pesticide) Dept.

Bureau of Standards

  1. Arranging for shipments containing pre-packaged goods to be inspected by The Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards if necessary.


  1. Making all the necessary arrangements on the importer’s behalf for Customs services to be provided around the country.
  2. Consultation prior to importation on all equipment including special projects.
  3. Arranging for goods to be warehoused and released at the customer’s private bonded warehouse if necessary. (Clients with approved warehouses).
  4. Arranging of all transport on goods being cleared at all the ports of entry on the client’s behalf.
  5. Clearing cargo from all the ports of entry in Trinidad and Tobago.
  6. Making all the necessary arrangements with Customs, Airline / Ocean shipping agents, for emergency airfreight / Sea Freight cargo to be cleared after official working hours, on weekends, public holidays and cargo being hand carried by passengers through the airport.
  7. Liaising with international freight forwarders, carriers and suppliers to ensure all documentation for imported and exported equipment and materials are prepared in accordance to the laws governing such trade.
  8. Reporting to client in a timely and orderly manner on the status on all bonds, shipments and logistics involved in the movement of equipment and materials.
  9. Arranging with customs for assessment of surplus duty free goods prior to disposal.
  10. Preparation of all export and re-exportation documents.